Viewbug announces Starz Photography is ranked top 10% worldwide!


Step 1: Is this For Me?


Most girls dream of being a model at some point. The attention, the glamor and excitement seems surreal. But it's hard work in the crowded modeling arena. If you are certain after reviewing the information provided AND you meet the requirements move to Step 2. 

Step 2: Applying for Starz


Fill out a simple on-line application and submit at least 3 photographs to our talent lead for review. The pictures do not need to be portfolio quality but should be clear, recent (30 days) and at least one must be a full body shot.  Try to choose photos with a minimal amount of alteration. We want to see you! 

Step 3: The Interview | Audition


If selected you will receive and email and a text congratulating you and providing you with instructions to the next stage where you will set up your interview and portfolio shoot. Get ready because this is where we seal the deal. You will be photographed by our lead photographer in several outfits and poses depending on your chosen Tier. 

Step 4: You're in let's start


In collaboration with the photographer and other leadership, your starter portfolio will be published on-line for media buyers, your fans, and the public to view and purchase product from. Shoppers will be able to choose digital or studio quality prints, framed pictures, coffee mugs, etc. as well as book your time for events as a model. 

Step 5: Diversifying


Depending on your content boundary (Tier 1-3) you need to decide what, in addition to bi-monthly photo shoots, will you do to generate awareness and sales for brand YOU. Networking, online chatrooms, webcamming, picture and video sets, etc. and Starz will help you. 

Step 6: Be brand


Everything you wear, say, and do. Who you talk to, what you talk about and write about. The colors and brands you wear. People you identify with and causes too. These are traits you must be aware of 100% of the time. They are what make you a StarzGirl.