Is becoming a starz girl model for me?

When we began introducing Starz Girlz, we had no idea what an adventure we would be on. Starz began from a demand for local, sexy, fun models to represent local businesses and staff events. Along the way we learned a lot about how to best approach the business while keeping it fun, profitable and safe. But is very important that we get a few things out of the way. #1 Yes, we are a real business. I never really understand this question. I have the certificate of incorporation and our Federal Tax id posted. We are a verified business through both Facebook and Google.  As we grow however, we have to cope with the cost of space as we are committed to organic growth; without outside investors. Our office is still a work in progress. Unfortunately it seems we make progress and people push us back but I am still fighting. #2 this one bothers me and saddens me. Every single employee here at Starz is here because we want to be. No one has been forced or manipulated into working for us. We stand firmly against traffickers and will participate in any way possible to stop the practice. 

Mission Statement

We believe in empowering women who feel free to explore their sexy side and want to remain safe while among others who encourage healthy habits. Starz encourage women to express themselves and their sensuality through whatever means they personally choose while ensuring that they are treated fairly, get paid, and are treated with dignity and respect.  Starz wants to level the playing field and break down the strong bias against women performing in the industry. Lastly we stand firmly against those who traffic women and children and enslave them as sexual captives and collectively we will combat through any means necessary to eliminate sexual crimes against women and children. 

What Does Starz Do for Me?

We provide professional photo/videography, an award winning web experience, a simple presentation model, and security to women who decide that modeling and/or e-marketing their images for purchase or licensing through our turnkey website. Add our brand/image consulting, and our aggressive marketing plans and you have a turnkey business where you can focus on your brand and content and let us handle the tedious business. With several channels of opportunity, we can put a plan together that will meet your income and flexibility needs. We represent all modeling types including fashion/portfolio, events and promotions, product and endorsement, and lingerie/boudoir/fine art.

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What Am I Responsible For? 

Contrary to popular belief, it's extremely rare that someone can publish a few photos to the internet and the magic sugar-fairy starts pouring money into your bank account. I am often asked, "how much are you going to pay me to model" for which I quickly reply, "whatever your market value demands. I haven't had any requests for you. Do you have an agency or portfolio? Oh, you're just starting? That's  fine but the answer is $0, that's also what your brand equity equals. In fact in the traditional model,  as an aspiring model, you would be paying me."   Now having said that, there is a ton of money out there to go get. So, if I sponsor your startup and invest the time and energy into you and your portfolio, we will work together, respecting your image and boundaries to create opportunity for you.  But that's the point, you will have to rise up and go get it.  And together we will push to make you a success however you define it. If you are strictly looking for money, or God help you easy money, go elsewhere. I will not bring anyone on board that refers to being paid endlessly or hustling others.