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How much do you pay Models?

I pay market value

It no longer surprises me when I hear this question. It used to, because frankly, I was raised at a  time  when photographers discover models and bring them to an audience then co-champion their rise to celeb-u-brand status, and that's when we get paid. You see it all comes down to $$; and the ownership rights follow who is being paid and who is paying. So to answer your question: Nothing. Listen, I have witnessed first hand the egoism and the sad economy state that has developed by teaching young women that their body has economic, no, transactional value. This is truly a problem as you might imagine. So, here's a simple economic axiom. Nothing has intrinsic value: value is a perception that is grown organically through effective messaging and branding. It takes time, and careful execution. So, you will be paid exactly what the market bares and it is up to us to drive your market value up. If I invest in you; I am placing a solid bet you could be successful as a model while you invest your time in learning a craft that could pay you handsomely. And in the end, you'll at least enjoy the satisfaction of becoming a model.  And if you don't strike it rich in the fashion arena, hopefully you had fun and maybe sacrificed some of your time but got a lifelong treasure: your portfolio. If you make Starz Girlz, we will shoot and print a top shelf portfolio of you. One for you to keep! And the best part is most of the girls are either sponsored by someone or I am picking up the startup costs including your portfolio. Now, if by chance you really want to pay your own way the total cost per girl next year is about $4950 including the photography, printing, marketing materials, consulting and advertising. 

Are you Interested in becoming a Starz Model?

Ladies, if you have ever considered modeling or a similar line of work, this is a safe and fun environment where Starz does 95% of the tedium work for you. Starz provides a digital advertising and production facility for you to build your own personal brand and you can take that as far as you like. The owner, Dave is an award winning photographer, so your photos/clips will be edgy, sexy and on-point. Starz has built a suite of tools to capture, protect, copyright and sell your images and branded merchandise on the web. It’s up to you to promote yourself in-person and network online to drive your business to whatever goal you set out for yourself. Schedule an Interview today!  Click Here to Join Us 

2019 Starz Girlz and Model Lexxy with my prized Jackson King-V Bass circa 1986 - photographer Davis Acuff Starz Photography

2019 Starz Girlz and Model Lexxy with my prized Jackson King-V Bass circa 1986 - photographer Davis Acuff Starz Photography